Review Vinland Saga

Yes, according to the sentence above, it seems really that there is a minus factor that blocks in my heart when this marathon is an anime from morning until tonight.

The biggest mistake that occurs in this anime (according to me) is the focus of character development that is wrong. What do you mean? Okay, at the beginning of the story we are presented with a neat story and unexpected plot. The fast flow and Thor's OP figure kept me sedated to keep watching. Thor's death at the beginning of the story is also the right choice for the development of the story. On the one hand it can help develop Thorfinn and membalance the storyline behind. It is unimaginable how bad the story is if the OP's Thor is still alive. Maybe the big war was over right now.

After Thor's death, pace slowed down and formed Thorfinn into a vengeful personality. Yes, its okay. Just look at him as Sasuke in viking mode. Errors start to appear when Canute appears. Instantly the whole story is centered on developing Canute. While Thorfinn? Still a vengeful fool until the end of the story. Well, its not a story for Canute! You've ruin the rest of episodes.

After seeing it to the end, I realized that these 24 episodes were only a prologue for the entire Vinland Saga story. Well, that means Canute isn't wrong, right? No, no, no ... What I'm discussing here is the anime. So it remains valid. The same case also occurred in the Mahou Anime Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku where the serialization of the anime did not have the chance to contain a chara of development from the MC itself.

Apart from all that, Vinland is still a very good anime. The story is realistic (illustrates how barbaric the Vikings are) and broad, related to politics between nations. The detailed character design, awesome fighting scenes and stunning background make this anime more comfortable to watch. Don't forget the soundtracks that are good on the ears

In general, this anime is recommended for all groups. Beginners, veterans who like the action genre must be friends.

Art: 9.5 / 10
Plot: 8/10
Music: 8/10

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