Review Oshi ga Budokan Itekuretara Shinu

Oshibudo is the only anime I have watched this season (his name is also a personal PJ). One of the advantages of Osshibudo compared to other idol-themed anime is in his perspective, the viewpoint of fans. As a connoisseur of anime idols, I expect a lot of themes carried by Osshibudo, so they can't maximize the possibility of stories that can be obtained. The result? An anime whose story is flat without tension etc. Okay, I will discuss a number of possible stories that oshibudo should be able to take.

1. The dark side of the idol world. Honestly, I'm really thankful this plot wasn't taken. You know how trash the idol world is in Japan. With Cham's background who is not a famous idol and a dream to go to Budokan, it should include this 'dark side' that will make the story more exciting. But, you must be willing all of your waifu to lonts. I don't want to. I'm flatter than Sorane I get stained.

2. Divisions between members. The gap in popularity that is so high between its members and the management that overly golden children Top Three should be the right entrance for this scenario. If this scenario occurs, it is not impossible that there will be members out to achieve a better career. And that's very reasonable, well that's how the real world works.

3. Scandal. Oh yes. We can see how friendly Yume x Maki is. A scandal should spice up the anime's storyline, but it's not realized.

4. Chaos at the concert. The only Cham performance contest only occurs in eps. Last time against Mapple. It would be better if there was chaos during the concert which made Cham's mental down. This will certainly have a positive effect on Cham development chara which is always in the comfort zone for 11 episodes. Even though the Reo and Mai meeting was very fitting for this scenario. (And this should be there, so there isn't)

5. Bored fans. This is more to Maina x Eripiyo. It would be better if there was a moment where Eripiyo was getting bored because he didn't get a positive response from Maina. On the one hand, it can develop the shy character of Maina to be more courageous and on the other hand can be a catalyst so that Eripiyo likes Maina more. (There should be)

6. And many more. For example, mistrust of the management who is picky and always late in the info, other local idol rivals appear in the same place, elbowing members to fight over fans, fans who are starting to switch because of capitalist management etc.

Apart from all that, I personally feel like enjoying Osshibudo. Indeed, the story that is presented is very flat but that is what I am looking for as an old lady who is not so hype with Anime. A light show that makes us smile, Yuri intensifies, subtle character designs, Cham members who are all waifuable (Sorane d'best), typical anime idol music, Sorane Chuck, Reo Chuck, Yumeri Chuck and other chin .

Overall rate
Art: 9/10
Story: 7/10
Music: 9/10 (Insert last invincible song)

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