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Dr. Stone, almost perfect
Among the anime I have watched in 2019, so far Dr. Stone is the best. Dear a thousand dear .... Okay.

Dr. Stone has a unique theme. Although the flow is forward, but the audience can enjoy it comfortably. The appearance of the tsukasa character who turned into playing villain was also very rational. Most of the reasons people become villains are betrayed by their ideology, well that's so lame. But, Tsukasa does not. He became villain because of his own ideology and his ideology was very rational. With OP's physical abilities and sharp thinking, Tsukasa is the most perfect villain in my opinion. Tsukasa's presence created a conflict in Dr. Stone will be very interesting ... Hazu datta no ni ....

It can be said Dr. Stone successfully opened the initial episode with a hit. The first 5 episodes run amazingly and are very interesting to watch. The rest, yeah ... Tempo is slowing down. We continue to be treated to episodes without conflict that focus more on Senkuu's discoveries. Problem? For me, I don't, because personally I really enjoy every innovation that Senkuu creates. Factors that keep me curious about each episode Dr. Stone is "what else will Senkuu make this time". Unfortunately, according to my tempo like this is not good for the development of the story. If described in the graph, then Dr. Stone has a graph that goes up at the beginning but is stable and tends to fall continuously in the rest of the episode.

What should I do? In my case, it would be more interesting if Tsukasa attacked early and intensely. We can see how Senkuu struggles to maintain his ideology that science is stronger than physical. With more intense conflict, the audience will be thumped while watching. And, a sudden attack will bring up a solution that is not expected by the audience. When the audience is offered an unusual solution, it will have a positive impact on the audience's interest.

Dr. Stone has a unique character design. I personally don't like it, but I still appreciate it.

Nothing special. Average, but the OP is good.

Overall, this anime is highly recommended for thousands of veterans and beginners. We can watch it casually in our spare time to unwind. It is not recommended for women who want a story full of intrigue, conflict and plot twist. Well at least I found another useless female chara other than Sakura. Beat me!

Overall Rate
Art: 8/10
Story: 8.5 / 10
Music: 8/10
Satisfaction: 9/10

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