Squidward Reflects Ourselves in Adult

Are we aware that the character Squidward in the animated series Spongebob Squarepants really presents us? Our faces everyday? Our live?

He is the most mature and realistic character in this cartoon. All are stupid except Squidward, just like us, all stupid people except me.

For children who do not understand life, this Octopus character is an anti-fun, annoying, and hated character. But for adults, he is a real portrait of life itself. All adults will realize that Squidward has the right to his depression, anger, and anxiety.

His outlook on life is dark and pessimistic.
Squidward the octopus is an introvert who is a bit antisocial and more comfortable himself but still wants to socialize if that's necessary, cynical nerds, and maybe he also suffers from an acute existential crisis even nihilism. He also does not want to talk much, coupled with his calm and indifferent face which is rather annoying, but he can be very sarcastic with only a few sentences coming out of his mouth, and his humor can only be understood by adults.
Until we humanize him to be a Philosopher, Squidward is a fusion of Kierkegaard and Nietzsche.

Even in life, Squidward really is the North Pole, compared to the South Pole Spongebob.
If Spongebob embraces a happy life that is absurd with a cheerful, naive, naive and overly honest nature, then Squidward is the opposite: he sees life as an emptiness that is lived inevitably.
Coupled with the nature of temperament, grumpy and do not like to interact Squidward, making it relatively disliked by anyone in Bikini Bottom except by Spongebob and Patrick.

Squidward is the type of person who is indifferent to any situation, lazy but still wants to work, likes to sleep, is very perfectionist, narcissistic and loves himself, art lover, hobby of decorating food, neatly arranging whatever is in his house, not too maniac with treasure of sorts Mr. Krab, or power like Plankton.

For Squidward the most important thing is respect, comfort, and fulfilled hobbies.
Because Aristotle once said that a quality life is a life filled with happiness. And Squidward, he is happy in his own way in life. Namely by not wanting to be surrounded by fools and those who cannot appreciate art.
Squidward illustrates that the happiness of life is that of eudaimonia status, which means living well, living full of balance and not excessive.

He also still has goodness, even though he says that he has no soul (kindness). Like, he often helps Patrick and Spongebob in a number of situations, gives advice to Spongebob, and Squidward has also been angry with customers who treat Spongebob arbitrarily and then repay him, which for many fans, it was one of the best episodes.

Squidward is also the most cultured character in the Spongebob Squarepants cartoon. We can see from the way he appreciates each art form. He is an art lover, until his house is in the form of a Easter Island statue head, and inside his house there are many paintings that are actually very beautiful, but unfortunately the people of Bikini Bottom rarely know about art, so the paintings are considered rubbish. Squidward loves dance, even though his dance is also considered strange. Maybe because it's too unique (?) 🤔
Squidward also likes music, although God does not seem to reduce the talent for Squidward to play the clarinet.
Wherever Squidward shows his skill in art, whether it's painting, dance, or music ... the world seems to close its eyes to Squidward. They hate Squidward's art, maybe because Squidward's art is considered too high to be understood by ordinary people in Bikini Bottom. Squidward's big ambition to become a true artist does not seem to be supported by the surrounding environment.
Because Bikini Bottom is not an artistic environment and understands art. There, Squidward is like Leonardo da Vinci who was dumped by God in remote areas nowhere.
But, Squidward, still strong and continues to assume that he is a 'true artist'.

He was stupid about what people said, until he managed to prove it. Everyone applauded when he was at The Super Bowl (and again, this is one of the best episodes for fans).
He also understands culture and history because of his hobby of reading, so Squidward thinks he's an intellectual.

Squidward is a liberal-conservative person.
Liberal, because he lives as an individualist, prefers to be alone and doesn't need many people to enjoy life and please himself.
Like when he drank tea without friends while enjoying eggs decorated with gems, painting, sleeping, cleaning up the house, gardening, and sunbathing.
He also has principles like those of liberals, that is, they will not interfere if they are not disturbed.
And conservative, because Squidward likes realistic things, is interested in high aesthetic art, adheres to patterns and regularity, even Squidward won't be reluctant to call those who don't follow the rules as.

Squidward is us, the adults trapped in the realities of life far from the fire.
Squidward always be my favorite. He's pretty misanthropic, his pranks are usually mean-spirited, he has no tolerance for stupidity unless it amuses him, he tends to talk to himself and snicker at his own jokes, he occasionally obsesses over something, occasionally becomes paranoid over something he over- thinks, he's artistic, a very amateur musician, and he has no soul. We're one of a kind .. Heheheheheh

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