Review Kimetsu No Yaiba

One impression that is most inherent in this anime is OVERRATED! What does it mean? Yes, people overly praise this anime hyperbole even though (in my opinion, yes) this anime is not very good. Here are some minor points that make me dare to say this anime is too overrated.

1. The usual theme, plot, Char Development. ordinary. It means normal, we can see the same thing in other anime shounen.
2. Pace slowly. Well, from 25 episodes, there is only one arc that is really serious. Rest? Episodes of practice, practice, practice.
"Tipi kin ipisidi litihin iti pinting", No, no, no ... Pace in an anime is important. The faster the storyline, the more opportunities to attract the attention of the audience. Simply put, if you watch stand-up, do you prefer those whose delivery is long or fast? It's definitely fast, right? Not that pace should be super fast, but slow pace will make the audience bored quickly.

Then what made this anime "Adored"
  • Epic battle scene. The Ufo desk doesn't need to be asked about the scene.
  • Nice music.
  • People say
  • Friend's words
  • Said the community
  • words blablabla ...
Overall Kimetsu anime including a good anime. Even though the story is normal and the message is slow, the storytelling technique is easy to understand. I briefly remembered Akame ga Kill who fondly killed the character to add to the impression of "wow". Suitable for all beginners and zero to hero shounen lovers.
To be honest, I much prefer watching Radiant SII from this.
Overall rate:
  • Art: 8.8 / 10
  • Plot: 7.5 / 10
  • Music: 8/10
  • Gurenge: 99999/10

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