Review: Anime My Neighbor Totoro

Story plot
This anime focuses on telling the story of Kusakabe's relatives who moved to the countryside to meet his mother who is being treated in hospital. The main characters in this anime are siblings named Satsuki and Mei.

Although not as expected, the new house they live in actually looks like a haunted house, aka uninhabitable. Because some buildings look very old and decrepit. However, this does not stop their enthusiasm to start a new life.

Satsuki and Mei were able to accept it happily while helping his father clean the whole house.

When they were about to clean the attic, the two of them found a strange creature called "Atari milk", who was said to be the figure of a house keeper when inhabited by its inhabitants. Instead of being scared, they both actually were excited about running around - chasing the black balls.

After lifting the goods back and forth and checking the existing room, finally Satsuki and Mei were able to rest with relief while looking at the yard of the house, on the other hand they realized that there was something strange in the garden next to one of them was a large, giant tree looming into the sky, grandma said the tree was a sacred hiding place from legendary creatures.

One day, when Satsuki started to go to school, her sister Mei was playing around the yard of the house and accidentally saw a strange figure that was a little invisibility when glimpsed. It was shaped like a rabbit with two legs and arms.

Out of curiosity in May, following the creature to enter the forest which finally brought him to Totoro (the forest watchman). Totoro is a figure of a thick furry brown colored creature with large teeth.

Instead of being afraid of Mei, she was excited because she found a new experience. When she returned, she also told this to Satsuki's father but unfortunately Mei was unable to provide evidence because the entrance to the forest mysteriously disappeared.

Starting from there the magical story accompanied by forest creatures began, Satsuki who initially did not believe could finally see Totoro on an event.


As usual, Studio Ghibli is quite clever in playing the characters. Almost every main character, supporters, and characters such as the monster are displayed perfectly so they can be aligned with the storyline.

Several other supporting figures from school children and neighbors are also included to make the story more alive, different from some other anime that are only inclined to the main character only.


The graphical issue of the writer won't discuss much because the review is the anime of the 90s, so if you compare the visuals with the anime now, obviously you don't connect.

But even so I can guarantee when watching you can still feel the atmosphere that really entered into the story starting from the depiction of beautiful villages, schools, until the wilderness is made in such a way as to spoil the eyes of the audience.


It's tasteless if a film, especially animation that is included in groups such as cartoons / anime, does not have a soundtrack. Well, fortunately, Studio Ghibli can incorporate a mixture of musical spices that are really off the same story.

The soundtrack itself was performed by Joe Hisaishi by displaying a number of songs that were packaged in one album.

Overall anime is very suitable and great to watch with family because it does not display scenes of profanity or even adults actually a lot of moral messages that you can take from this story.

The duration is not too long, so you can say it's light enough to just fill your free time when you don't have any other references to anime movies.

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