how to deal with crazy people

Crazy people are actually insane people who tend to be crazy and sometimes can be very barbaric and without reason. Yes, isn't it crazy if it's not crazy, how could it be crazy? Well, and this time I will share a tutorial on how to deal with crazy people of all kinds, and this is all in my own experience.

Don't panic and stay calm
First, if you want to face a crazy person, stay calm and don't panic. Think of him as your friend and start managing your tricks

Get to know the nature of the crazy person you are dealing with
The second step in dealing with crazy people is to recognize the nature of the crazy people you face. This is very important because this is your first step !!!!!. You can check it by inviting to interact casually, if the crazy person answers it then don't be afraid and are worried because the crazy people who want to interact are usually classified as santuy and will not throw a tantrum if advised. But on the contrary if the crazy person is just silent and like showing or showing strange signs thanks you must be vigilant, it could be that you are even considered disturbing crazy people who want to rest

Told you well
To be honest, crazy people aren't completely crazy. They can still be advised and told well, so you only need to say well if he is annoying if here, but keep in mind you have to do this still with a somewhat ordered tone yes. So that this crazy person wants to leave

Slightly snapping without hitting
If the crazy person still does not move away then you must use another method that is a bit of bluffing but keep in mind that you should not hit the crazy person, because it will cause more problems for you. It is enough to do it in a commanding tone but accompanied by a serious bluff, then the crazy person will feel scared and will leave

Blurred asking for help from others
This is done if the crazy person is angry and seems to challenge to fight us. All you have to do is run away or stay away and ask for help from others. Don't face it alone because it's very risky. You could be hit by tantrums or new throws thrown by the crazy person

To be honest, crazy people are not completely crazy, so if you want to deal with crazy people, then you only need to look at them or tell them in a relaxed way like Nanda tells or advises your own friends. Don't use violence because it will only be bad for yourself. If you are not able to deal with these crazy people you only need to ask for help from others

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