Review of Shinchou Yuusha A.K.A Hero of Anxious

Okay, lock down this way, I already watched some series that aired last year. This time I will try to discuss Anime Shinchou Yusha blablabla

Overall there are some positive and negative points of this anime, we start from the positive first, yes.

1. Despite using the OP theme of 'the market', this anime has a unique perspective and story approach. If the perspective usually used is the MC OP, this time we see the story from the perspective of the calling goddess. This is what makes the story different from other Isekai.

2. The comedy gets. Funny comedy supported by overly expressive but expressive character illustrations. A glance reminiscent of Konosuba's comedy style.

3. Have a little direction. Even though there are many comedies, this anime still focuses on the theme of isekawa, which is killing the demon king. At the end of the episode, we were also treated to a little drama. Although not to make red eyes, the drama given enough to give the impression 'serious'.

4. Strong character. One of the successes of comedy anime lies in the consistency of the characters. For example, Gintama, the comedy given by Gintama remains consistent because they hold fast to the nature and characteristics of each character. This is also shown in this anime.

5. The flow is fast. The story goes quickly. We continue to be presented with core scenes without going through episodes of pleasantries such as training episodes, swimming pools, and other useful episodes.

6. The end. Yes, it's over. That means there is no end to hanging. Story complete, yes complete.

1. Stories are predictable. Although it has a unique story, but it does not rule out the possibility of a predictable story. Many flags that make it easy for us to see the direction of the story. For wibu veterans, it's easy to guess the story.

2. Repeated comedy. Actually this point is a double-edged sword. Maybe some people like it or not. What is meant by repetition is the comedy pattern that has been shown in scene A again in the scene B with a different character. I personally like it.

3. Only one season. No need to explain, please.

In general, this anime is highly recommended for middle ladies and veterans. I don't recommend this anime for beginners because they will definitely be confused and not catch the comedy.

Overall Rate

  • Art: 8/10
  • Plot: 9/10
  • Music: 7/10

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